The Arboretum at Flagstaff

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Castilleja kaibabensis

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is nestled within the world's largest ponderosa pine forest. Located at 7,150 feet above sea level, The Arboretum is dedicated to helping visitors understand the unique environment of the High Southwest. The Arboretum presents 200 acres of gardens and natural habitats with 750 plant species representing everything from high desert to alpine tundra.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Allium gooddingii Liliaceae G4 Available
Argemone pleiacantha ssp. pinnatisecta Papaveraceae T2 LE Sponsored
Asclepias welshii Apocynaceae Sponsored
Astragalus cremnophylax var. cremnophylax Fabaceae T1 LE Available
Astragalus humillimus Fabaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Astragalus montii Fabaceae T1 LT Sponsored
Astragalus troglodytus Fabaceae G2 Available
Carex specuicola Cyperaceae G2 LT Sponsored
Castilleja kaibabensis Orobanchaceae G1 Available
Chrysothamnus molestus Asteraceae G3 Available
Actaea arizonica Ranunculaceae G2 Available
Clematis hirsutissima var. arizonica Ranunculaceae T2 Available
Purshia subintegra Rosaceae G2 LE Sponsored
Echinocereus fendleri var. kuenzleri Cactaceae T2 LT Available
Erigeron maguirei Asteraceae G2 Sponsored
Erigeron rhizomatus Asteraceae G2 LT Sponsored
Eriogonum ripleyi Polygonaceae G2 Available
Aliciella formosa Polemoniaceae G2 Available
Hedeoma diffusa Lamiaceae G3 Available
Hedeoma todsenii Lamiaceae G2 LE Sponsored
Helenium arizonicum Asteraceae G3 Available
Physaria kingii ssp. kaibabensis Brassicaceae G3 Available
Lilium parryi Liliaceae Available
Pectis imberbis Asteraceae G3 Available
Pediocactus peeblesianus ssp. peeblesianus Cactaceae T1 LE Available
Penstemon clutei Plantaginaceae G2 Sponsored
Ranunculus aestivalis Ranunculaceae Sponsored
Rumex orthoneurus Polygonaceae G3 Available
Salix arizonica Salicaceae Available
Sclerocactus cloverae ssp. brackii Cactaceae T2 Available
Packera franciscana Asteraceae G1 LT Available
Senecio multidentatus var. huachucanus Asteraceae T2 Available
Zanthoxylum parvum Rutaceae G2 Available
Penstemon albomarginatus Plantaginaceae G2 Available
Eriogonum ericifolium Polygonaceae G3 Available
Castilleja mogollonica Orobanchaceae G1 Available
Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus Polemoniaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Tetraneuris verdiensis Asteraceae G1 Available
Potentilla sanguinea Rosaceae T1 Available
Potentilla arizonica Rosaceae G1 Available
Penstemon nudiflorus Plantaginaceae G2 Available
Astragalus cremnophylax var. hevronii Fabaceae T1 Available

Conservation Contacts

Kristin Haskins, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Director of Research
Sheila Murray
Research Botanist
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Executive Director, Director of Research 100
Research Botanist 100