网上信誉赌博下注 条款 and Conditions

September 14, 2021


The Center for Plant Conservation (“网上信誉赌博下注”) maintains this website, www.www.kevinangeloni.com, as a service to its Participating Institutions and the public at large.  We may revise and update these 条款 and Conditions at any time.  您继续使用网上信誉赌博下注网站(“网上信誉赌博下注网站”), or the “Site”) will mean you accept those changes.

Content and Third Party Postings

网上信誉赌博下注将尽合理努力在网站上包含准确和及时的信息(“内容”), 对于本网站或通过与其他网站的链接呈现的信息的准确性或资源的及时性,本网站不作任何保证或陈述.  网上信誉赌博下注不对基于其网站上的信息所采取的任何行动负责, 所有用户同意,访问和使用网上信誉赌博下注网站以及网站上展示的任何内容的风险由用户自己承担.

此外,本网站的部分内容现在或将来可能允许用户发布自己的材料.  The materials posted by 使用rs do not necessarily reflect the views of 网上信誉赌博下注.  By posting materials to the 网上信誉赌博下注 Site, you represent that you have all necessary rights in and to such materials, 并且这些材料不会侵犯任何第三方的个人或所有权权利, nor will such materials be defamatory, 非法, threatening, 淫秽, 淫荡的, lascivious, 肮脏的, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.  网上信誉赌博下注 reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review, 编辑 or delete any material posted by 使用rs that 网上信誉赌博下注 deems defamatory, 非法, threatening, 淫秽, 淫荡的, lascivious, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.  NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, 对于第三方通过网上信誉赌博下注网站传播的任何材料,网上信誉赌博下注明确表示不承担任何责任.

By posting materials to the 网上信誉赌博下注 Site, 您授权网上信誉赌博下注使用和/或授权他人以任何方式或媒介使用任何此类材料.  未经中共明确许可,您不得在本网站上做广告或征求意见.

Links, Resources and References

This website contains references and links to information, products and services provided by third parties. 提供这些参考和链接是为了帮助您识别和定位其他可能感兴趣的资源, 除非另有说明,不打算说明或暗示网上信誉赌博下注赞助, 认可或与提供此类信息的个人或实体有关联或有关联, products or services, 也不是有意声明或暗示网上信誉赌博下注合法授权使用任何商品名称的引用或链接, registered trademark, 标志, legal or official seal, or copyright symbol that may be reflected in them.

其他互联网用户可以访问和查看通过网上信誉赌博下注网站或通过本网站启用的邮件链接向网上信誉赌博下注传送的任何信息, without your knowledge and permission. 不使用本网站的链接传递私人信息或其他您认为受保护或机密的信息. When you access this site or submit information via this site, you consent to the collection, 使用, and disclosure of that information as described in our Privacy Policy, which may be found at www.kevinangeloni.com.


除非另有说明,本网站所载资料的版权归网上信誉赌博下注所有. Such material is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. All rights are reserved.  If you find these materials 使用ful, you may download, 打印或发送副本给他人,但仅限于个人使用或非营利用途.  It is absolutely prohibited to reprint or electronically reproduce any 文本, 文档, 图形, or audio or visual material for commercial 使用.  For special copyright permissions, please write to info@www.kevinangeloni.com or to 网上信誉赌博下注 headquarters at 15600 San Pasqual Valley Rd. Escondido, CA 92027-7000.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

在网上信誉赌博下注网站上发布的信息包括由他人拥有版权的信息, as well as hyper文本 links to other websites.  这些链接网站是独立开发和维护的,不属于网上信誉赌博下注网站的一部分.  When you leave the 网上信誉赌博下注 Site and travel to another website or web page, 您将受到这些其他网站的使用条款和隐私政策的约束.  Neither 网上信誉赌博下注 nor any of its affiliates controls or guarantees the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, 在链接网站上发现的任何内容的完整性或认可所表达的观点, or products or services offered by, any third party information or linked website.

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranties

本网站及其内容按“现状”提供,您自行承担使用本网站及其内容的风险.  We disclaim all warranties, express and implied, 包括对所载任何信息的适销性和适合某一特定目的的默示保证, accessible through or derived by you from this Site. Without limiting the foregoing, 网上信誉赌博下注, its licensors, and its suppliers make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of the Content, 软件, 文本, 图形, links or communications provided on or through the 使用 of the 网上信誉赌博下注 Site.  我们同样不承担任何及所有因您访问或以其他方式使用本网站而导致您的电脑系统或软件中断或损坏的责任.  WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, 间接, CONSEQUENTIAL, 特殊的, PUNITIVE OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING LOST REVENUES, LOST PROFITS OR LOSS OF DATA ARISING OUT OF YOUR USE OF THIS SITE. 如果上述任何限制和免责声明无效, 您同意,我们对您的最大责任是您为访问本网站及/或通过本网站向我们购买产品或服务而可能向我们支付的费用总额.

Legal Actions

本使用条款及相关隐私政策受加利福尼亚州法律管辖并依其解释,不考虑法律冲突原则, 你同意接受加州法院的个人管辖.  如果本使用条款的任何部分被法院视为无效, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.  You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any clam or ca使用 of action arising out of or related to this website, or the 使用 of this website, 必须在此类索赔或诉讼起因发生后一年内提交,并必须提交给加州法院.  如果有管辖权的法院发现这些使用条款或隐私政策的任何条款或部分是不可执行的, the remainder of each 文档 will continue in full and effect.

Modifications to Site.

网上信誉赌博下注 reserves the right, for any reason, in its sole discretion, to terminate, change or suspend any aspect of the site, including but not limited to, 内容, features or hours of availability.  网上信誉赌博下注可能会限制本网站的某些功能,或限制您访问本网站的部分或全部内容,而无需通知或处罚.


本协议包括您与网上信誉赌博下注之间的全部协议,并取代双方之前的所有协议, regarding the subject matter contained herein.  All provisions in the Agreement regarding representations and warranties, indemnification, 免责声明和责任限制在本协议终止后继续有效.  网上信誉赌博下注保留通过在网站上发布新协议随时更改本协议的权利.  在此类更改发布后,您继续使用本网站将构成您同意此类更改.


You agree that 网上信誉赌博下注 has the right, but not the obligation to monitor, 编辑, 披露, ref使用 to post, or remove at any time, for any reason in its sole discretion, any material and 内容 anywhere on the site including, but not limited to message boards, email and other forums.  Notwithstanding this right, 网上信誉赌博下注不会也不可能审核用户在本网站发布的所有材料,网上信誉赌博下注不对用户发布的任何此类材料负责.